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Inspired to Make a Difference?

Want to get more involved in our work to help communities? There are several ways you can volunteer at Community Dancesport Association. We encourage those who are inspired to make a difference to bring their energy, enthusiasm, and skills to our events and ongoing programs. And why not have fun while doing it!? Whether you’re an individual or a group, we welcome your involvement. Volunteer opportunities include helping with our Practice Dance Classes and Events. Join us and be part of our community!

Volunteer Checklist

Please be sure you meet the following qualifications:

  • Be at least 18 years old

  • Possess a valid driver’s license and current car insurance

  • Never been convicted of a felony

  • No illegal drug use currently or within the last twelve months


If you do not meet all the requirements, there are other ways to get involved with us! Follow us on social media, donate cash or in-kind items to support our mission, sign up for our newsletter or advocate on our behalf through your networks to encourage others to get involved.

Dance Class & Event Volunteer

Interested in volunteering at one of our upcoming dance classes & events?  Just fill out the proper paperwork and we will be in contact with you shortly. Make sure to note the dance classes & events you are interested in!

Program Volunteer

Interested in volunteering?  Need volunteer hours? This process has a few more steps which the form below will walk you through.  In addition to filling out the correct paperwork, you will also have to answer some questions and a brief orientation before beginning your volunteering experience.  Please make sure to let us know what programs you are interested in volunteering at.

Some of our Programs to volunteer at:

  • Community Based Programs

  • Youth Programs

  • Family Programs

  • Senior Programs

  • Sound Equipment Department

  • Social Media and Marketing

Dance Teacher Volunteer

Volunteer opportunities for dancers look great not only on your resume, but they also provide invaluable experience working in dance teaching and performance from many angles.

There are many different types of volunteer opportunities for dancers; the most commonly chosen volunteer activities are teaching beginner to dance and assistant teacher help, video photographer, sound equipment operator, working at classroom as receptionist or ticket sales agents. It all depends on what is available in your area and what it is that you would like to gain from your time volunteering.

Weekly Volunteer Activities

A little research of the dance schools in your area should reveal a few possibilities for volunteering options specifically for dancers. For example, many studios offer an exchange situation where you are responsible for helping a senior teacher teach youth dance classes or you are responsible for answering the phone two times a week. In many cases, you will be rewarded for such services by being granted free dance lessons at the school. Free dance lessons is not the only benefit though; whether you call it volunteer work or simply 'work', it will look good on your resume as well as getting you tuition-free classes.

Another great way to get involved in the performing arts community is to volunteer at area dance classroom. Dance classrooms are almost always looking for assistant dance teacher and other types of helpers. Whether you help backstage with the sound equipment department or you help people registration, you'll be gaining valuable experience inside the dance classroom. Many performers find it fun to do this kind of 'behind-the-scenes' work, and it certainly gives one a better overall view of how the dance classroom operates from front door to class ending procedure. Again the perks are multifold: you get to join different kind of dance classes and watching show for free, as well as putting the experience on your resume.

Intensive Volunteer Opportunities for Interesting Dance and Teaching Career

If you'd like to spend a quarter season volunteer work or interning, there are many exciting possibilities available. You can join our cooperative institution – Artson Dancesport Studio “Train the Trainer” program and spend the quarter season interning and learn how to become a junior dance teacher. Senior and professional dance teacher opportunities generally take up more time, but they also offer the invaluable experience of being around with like-minded learner together to build social awareness, confidence and self-esteem through the learning of Ballroom and Social Dance. Also, if you may get “Train the Trainer” qualification and certification fit a primary dance teacher can starting with Community Dancesport Association opportunity.

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